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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Release Date

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I know that Porsche has said that the Cross Turismo will debut this year as a 2021 model, but have they confirmed more specifically when that's going to happen?

Motor1 seems to think that it could happen at the Geneva Motor Show in March, "where Porsche unveiled the Mission E Cross Turismo in 2018". It seems like a strong possibility since Porsche usually pays attention to details like that
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In Porsche’s Annual and Sustainability Report for 2019 they revealed that the Cross Turismo will be revealed towards the end of the year!

Unveiled as a concept two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the road-going model will be labelled “Taycan Cross Turismo” and is earmarked for a late 2020 official reveal. The timeframe is included in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2019 of Porsche AG released today, which also mentions the jacked-up rugged estate will be the first of other Taycan-based derivatives.

This is from a new article I just read:

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"This is our best look yet at Porsche’s second fully electric model, the Taycan Cross Turismo. Spied almost completely undisguised during the final stages of development testing, the Cross Turismo is due to be launched later this year, ahead of sales commencing at the beginning of 2021."

If that true it means as Q3 rolls around Porsche dealers should start taking pre-orders.
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