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Porsche priced the 4S to start from $103,800 which is well within ballpark of the Tesla Model S.

This basically pushes aside any argument about price that we originally seen when all Porsche provided us with were Taycan Turbo models at launch. The difference was massive (10's of thousands) and put a lot of people off.

So as we'll see in the coming months, and even now, a much smaller percentage of people who actually want to buy will be comparing the Turbo to Model S.

As someone looking for a daily driver, this $100k battle is where i'm at.

Price is a big motivator especially when we're talking about 10's of thousands. Anyone serious and willing to absorb that difference in price won't be the average buyer.

So with that said, what's the BEST way to spend $100,000 here?

At this level Tesla has a chance...
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