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Hello all, this is Kyle from AutoGuide. I’m posting this thread here to document my trip for the launch of the Taycan 4S. I can’t share driving experiences for a while yet—keep an eye on AutoGuide.com for those in the near future!—but I can share the adventure that’s lead me to a hotel within the Arctic Circle in Finland.

And boy, what an adventure it’s been so far.

it started in Toronto, where an initial four hour delay had the knock-on effect of shuffling everything else back further. But hey, the in-flight food was pretty good!


Unfortunately, the delays meant a missed flight to the final stop. Worse yet, there were no other flights to Kittilä, the location of the launch, on Tuesday. I ended up flying to another town, where a Porsche person met me and drove me the two hours back to the hotel. Thanks, Lukas!

The morning started off warm: it was barely below freezing!

We spotted some reindeer which I sadly don’t have pics of. In my defense, I was driving.

With a very short window of daylight (about 2.5 hours), we had a tight schedule of driving. I managed to grab a few shots that I wanted to share with the community here:








As I mentioned, expect the full story on AutoGuide.com later this month. If you have any questions, post them here! I’ll do my best to answer them to the best of my ability.


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These are incredible photos Kyle! Nicely done!

There's a couple of questions that immediately come to mind:
1) How does the Taycan feel and handle in the snow?
2) Did Porsche say if/how the range will be affected when driving in the cold?
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