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A YouTuber called "The Autobahn Specialist" drove a Taycan 4S and was able to get 576 km (358 mile) of range.

I can't follow along in the video because it's in German (and I don't know German) but here's what the video description translates into English.

If anyone on here understands German, can you verify what is being said in the video?


Porsche Taycan 4S 576 km range! (TBTP) Big surprise !!! VS Tesla P85D range test

The Autobahn Specialist
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Published on Mar 24, 2020
I drove both cars in perfect conditions. 16 degrees. No wind.
Driven route 130 km Munich to Oberau to Munich on A95

Consumption Munich Autobahn start to Shell Oberau: 16.1 kW per 100 km
Consumption Shell Oberau to Munich Sendling: 14.1 KW per 100 km

Average 15.1 KW per 100 km

Total route traveled on this day: Augsburg Munich (130 km / h)
(30 km city traffic) / Straßlach / Munich Sendling / Oberau / Munich Sendling / range test / Landsberg / Augsburg

Odometer reading early 1580 km State of Charge 91%
Odometer reading at the end of 1992 km State of Charge 18%

Distance traveled 412 km

City traffic 30 km,
Range test 130 km at 90 km / h
Mixed highway operation 252 km (60 to 130 km / h)

20 inch winter wheels (2.9 bar)

Porsche KM range according to display: 373 km Here tipical range 23.3 KW per 100 km charging time 0 to 80% (hypercharger or similar): 22 minutes
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