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I stopped by my dealer today to pick up some parts that I ordered and while I was there I asked my sales associate about charging the battery to 100%. He said while the charging sweet spot is between 20-80% charging to 100% in the short term will not harm the battery as Porsche has set up the charging so that when you do charge to 100% in reality you are only charging the batteries to 83% of their capacity. He asked if I was going keep this car for more than 10 years to which I replied no. He said in that case don't worry about it.
your salesman is dispensing info that is contrary to what porsche says.
are you new to the ev world?
fwiw: tesla has the same charging limitations and while the porsche battery science is a bit different than tesla's the both use the same type of batteries and both react badly to sitting at very high or low SOC.
but if you think that your salesman is a better source of info, go with it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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