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Porsche Panamera or Taycan Cross Turismo?

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Truth about the Taycan is, not everyone will want one and when it come to the Cross Turismo, some might prefer its Panamera relative.

Who would prefer one of the current Panamera trims over the Taycan CT?

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It depends on whether it has increased ground clearance or not, for me -- something that I need for daily driving with driveway dips and speed bumps, going on gravel/dirt roads and even grassy fields occasionally. The prototypes have indicated increased ground clearance. I bought a Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo last year, so I have first-hand experience with an ST wagon -- as well as experience with Porsche's plugin-battery vehicles (and my experience with the electric-power aspect of the Panamera is superb, giving me great confidence in what Porsche is doing with its BEVs).

This past Saturday, I sat in and was able to closely examine (without test-driving) a Taycan Turbo S at a local dealership here -- and its appearance inside and out is stunning (the best-looking Porsche in the line-up now, in my opinion). The only thing I didn't like was the glass roof, which was extremely dirty (water spots), as is the case with all glass roofs and "sun" roofs -- very difficult to keep clean by default; if I'm going to have a glass roof, I want what appears to be coming in the Polestar 2 -- an electrochromic "smart" glass that can be dimmed to nearly (if not totally) opaque (like the passenger windows in the 787 Dreamliner). Having a panoramic roof glass that can't be dimmed will simply be an annoyance due to the having to constantly clean it and having glare shining onto control/gauge/computer surfaces in the front-seat area. And the front-seat passengers cannot really make much use of the glass roof in the Taycan, as it starts pretty far back (it's mainly something to be enjoyed by the rear passengers) -- other than for the purpose of increasing light in the cabin during daytime (and via streetlights at night).

But I digress. The interior of the Taycan was amazing -- the computer screens and instrument gauges are much better than in the Panamera. The cargo space looked as spacious as in my Panamera, even though the Taycan is 4 inches shorter in exterior length (I presume that the CT will be same length, but we won't know until it comes out). The Taycan sedan is way more impressive on the exterior than is the Panamera sedan (I'd never buy either -- only the Panamera ST or the Taycan CT, as the wagon variants look way better to me. I presume that the CT rear window will have much better visibility than the Taycan sedan, also. I suppose that sometime in 2020 we'll hear much more about the CT.
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