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Hi guys,

Currently, I am charging my lovely Taycan using the 3 pin power supply at home.

I am roughly getting 1.03kwh -1.3kwh output.

I am right to say that I could achieve a maximum charge output of 3.6kwh, and how?

I have a single phase, considering installing a commando socket with a 32amp which would give a maximum output of 7.6 kwh.

Can you achieve 11kwh output only from a 3 phase or this possible on a single phase?

I have the standard battery 79.2kwh.
In the US you can use the Mobile Charge Connect or the standard Mobile Charge with a single phase 240V AC 50 A socket to charge at 9.6 kw. The availible plug styles are NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50. 14-50 is common for electric clothes dryers and uses 4 wires: 2 hot, one neutral and one ground. 6-50 is common for shop equipment like welders, and uses 3 wires, 2 hot and one neutral. On either of these chargers the draw is 40 A, because 80% of circuit breaker capacity is the recommended maximum. I have seen YouTube videos showing how to configure the Mobile Charge Connect for 240V circuits with less than 50 A capacity.

I know nothing about 3-phase systems.

My wife’s Audi A3 E-tron has a charger that looks much like the standard Mobile Charge, but while it came with a 6-50 plug, it only draws 16A, and thus is for a circuit with a 20 A breaker.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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