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If you think Porsche isn't telling the whole story on the Taycan's performance, you're likely right!
Its common for Porsche and automakers like them to underestimate the officially announced numbers. In the Taycan's case, its a bit special given the greater potential being an EV, compared to what ICE cars have put out in real world testing. So far automotive journalists have begun revealing the actual numbers, one being top speed that's about 6 mph higher than Porsche claims. More in the video:

"Porsche may be hiding some impressive stats of its all electric sedan Taycan despite losing in most categories to Tesla Model S. InsideEvs contributor Tom Moloughney had a chance to spend a couple of days with the Prosche Taycan Turbo S and he believes the stats are better than Porsche makes us believe. He explains in his weekly segment "Plugged-in with Tom Moloughney".
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