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I think it's safe to say that Norwegians are excited about the Taycan. So much so that over 3,000 people have put down a deposit of NOK 20,000 ($2,194 USD) for the Taycan.

According to Broom - TV2.no 2020 could be a sales record for Porsche in Norway.

Porsche's first electric car Taycan has recently arrived in the country, and the first cars on Norwegian signs are now rolling on the roads.

Thanks to this model, it is already clear that this year will be the sales record for Porsche in Norway.

The interest has been enormous. Over 3,000 Norwegians paid a deposit of NOK 20,000 to pre-order the car.

Taycan is right now the electric car for those who really want to stand out and who think cars like the Tesla Model S / X, Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace are far too popular and common ...

The starting price of the new Taycan is NOK 899,000, while the top model starts at 1.6 million. And it completely without fees.
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