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porsche has a new vehicle borrowing program

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just found out about an APP that Porsche launched called "inFlow" that allows us to borrow just about any vehicle they carry and my guess is with the growing amount of EV's to join their brand portfolio, models like the Taycan will easily join the list. some might say its more important for these newer models to keep sales volume up.
unfortunately if you live outside of certain parts of Europe the program won't be available but it is for those in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

prices start from 1,299 euros and is feature packed with the following:

With “Porsche inFlow”, customers have the possibility of driving a Porsche for a transparent monthly package fee. The fee covers all costs with the exception of fuel, e.g. maintenance, wear, seasonal tyres, warranty, registration, vehicle tax, comprehensive insurance and vehicle inspections. The minimum contract term per vehicle is six months; the customer can then pause or change the vehicle with a period of notice of three months. Transactions and processing from booking and contract conclusion through to vehicle management take place digitally using the Cluno app.
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Similar pricing to what BMW and MB have set. Wonder if this will also have a tiering system based upon the kind of models that you want available to you. With the limited availability and high demand for the Taycan, I doubt it will be rolled into this kind of service for at least a year or two.
Since Porsche has already said if all of their preorders translate to sales, the first production run is essentially sold out, that doesn't leave any models for this program. They've mentioned doubling the number of units being built, but allocations per dealer are probably still going to be quite low. As they expand on their electric lineup over the next year or two, you can bet we will see those models under these new initiatives.
I bet some portion of those orders will be loaners that won't always get loaned out so it might be another way to make use of them for now till more models can join.
Rarely does every pre order actually result in a sale. There are lots of different reasons why people change their mind prior to delivery. I would imagine there is a wait list though, so if some people do cancel it will probably get picked up quick.
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