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Porsche Dynamic Light System

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How does Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) compare to what Mercedes, BMW and Audi are offering?
It's largely available as an option throughout most, if not, all Porsche models but to anyone experienced enough with these systems and know how Porsche ranks, how does it actually compare?

This being information/feedback you only get through actual experience I hope some here can provide it.

Thanks :)
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I remember reading about how Audi pioneered this technology with the A8, and was the first to release it in Europe, but NHTSA (the government regulatory body in the US) wouldn't allow the latest technology because it didn't conform to the written regulations already on the books.

I haven't kept up with this technology since then. Did Audi finally find a way to sell cars here with something like the Porsche Dynamic Light System? Are the US-bound Taycans featuring this system, or are we still left out?
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