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Porsche has already accepted over 20,000 deposits for its upcoming Taycan electric sedan, enough to cover the entire first year of supply, but the brand isn't taking any chances when it comes to impressing potential customers.

Rather than sit back and wait (expecting Tesla is planning a last-minute Model S update) Porsche will be equipping its dealers with demo models of the car - according to one of our sources.

The news comes via a customer in discussion with Stevinson Porsche in Littleton, CO. While dealers are generally not the best source of information on new car releases (or anything for that matter), Porsche dealer training and customer service is extremely high quality, so we expect this is more than just a rumor.

One other tidbit of info revealed from this conversation is that more exact pricing for the Taycan will be released this summer. In fact, we've heard numerous reports now that earlier numbers of $90,000 for the base and $130,000 for the Turbo model were purely speculative and in no way based in fact.

And he guessed pricing would be available in summer.
He didn't seem to want to give information that wasn't already on the internet, so I think Nov. might be his best guess.
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