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Porsche Connect is a digital co-pilot, accessible on your smartphone and integrated in the vehicle.

It's an ingenious technological experience that all Porsche owners will love, myself included. The only Connect system issue you'll find, is the learning curve, if that! Updates to the system via hardware and software should improve it a lot over the years. For now, here are the features we should pay attention to, along with sharing tips and personal experience.

Please keep in mind that the Porsche Connect services vary according to model and country availability. This list is for the U.S. Spec Taycan.

Porsche Connect Features


excl. taxes
  • $39.00 / Month
  • $419.00 / Year
  • $999.00 / 3 Years
Included free trial period: 3 Years

  • The perfect route in every respect. You are not alone on any journey with the navigation services. With "Hey Porsche", you activate the
    Voice Pilot as if someone were sitting right next to you. You can communicate with it and, for example, announce destinations for which it selects the best route – including real-time traffic information. The charging planner intelligently supplements route planning with data on the charge status and required stops. And the Finder also shows you when the next charging station is coming up.
  • Well entertained and informed on the go. Why not use the car journey to relax with your favorite Apple Music playlist or get the latest political updates with the news function? The infotainment services from Porsche Connect offer you the opportunity to use services such as your calendar safely while driving, to listen to your favorite radio stations online, to call up weather information, and to have the news read aloud to you.
  • Apple Car Play. Use apps like iMessages or Waze on your iPhone while driving safely and comfortably.
  • Remote control for your Porsche. You can operate your Porsche from a distance to make everyday life simpler. Various services allow you to check vehicle data, location, climate functions and much more, without being there. You can always be sure that you are getting into a perfectly air-conditioned vehicle. And thanks to E-Control, you know what range your Porsche still has.
  • Finder. Select charging stations, hotels and restaurants along your route. Would you like to find out more? Reviews and ratings make your decision easier.
  • Voice Pilot: "Hey Porsche": a voice command is all it takes to control navigation, music, air conditioning, ambient lighting, and much more.
  • Navigation Plus. With real-time traffic information, map updates and personal routes, you will avoid traffic jams.
  • News. Stay up to date on the way to your next meeting, whether with stock market information or political news.
  • Calendar. Simply connect your calendar to the vehicle and let it drive you directly to your next appointment, for example.
  • Charging Planner. The Planner optimizes travel time by calculating the route, taking into account the current charge state, available charging stations, and traffic information.
  • Apple Music. Taycan comes with Apple Music built-in seamlessly. Simply tap on Apple Music on the Taycan touchscreen display to stream 60 million songs ad-free and playlists for any mood. You can even create your own custom station from any song played from radio while you drive. And new owners get up to 6 months free.
  • Weather. The Porsche Connect "Weather" service shows the current weather and the forecast for the coming hours and days in detail as an info graphic. The forecast includes, temperature, number of sunlight hours, probability of rainfall, wind speed and weather warnings.You can plan your trip comfortably on-the-go and decide en-route whether you want drive away from a shower or whether to brave the wind and weather. Because one thing is certain: every drive is a pleasure in a Porsche, even when the sun isn't shining.Detailed data protection instructions for this service can be obtained from the product information in the Connect Store.
  • Carfinder. Whether your family members are on the way to your Porsche or you want to find it in a busy parking lot, your smartphone can navigate you to its exact location. With Carfinder, you know exactly where your Porsche is at all times.
  • Location Alarm. The Porsche Connect App will constantly monitor the location of your Porsche and send you a notification as soon as it leaves the geographical area set by you. You will then have a peace of mind that you are still able to monitor your children's whereabouts even when you're not in the car with them.
  • Radio Plus. Whether it is a soundtrack to mark the end of a successful week at work or background tunes for a road trip with your friends, your journey is always filled with your favorite music thanks to the integration of Internet radio in the PCM. The Radio Plus service is available for the first time in your Porsche.
    You have access to the online channels and the capability of sorting the stations by popularity, country, genre, or language. You can also stream via Internet radio podcasts. In order to use the integrated Internet radio, you need a WiFi data package or alternatively a separate external SIM card for data.
  • E-Control. E-Control keeps you informed about all the important things relating to your vehicle at all times: you can conveniently check the current battery status and use the dynamic range display, for example. You can also store your desired departure times in advance by means of a timer function and ensure that the battery is charged at exactly the right time. You can also optionally receive push notifications, for example if a fault has occurred.
  • Climate. Remotely operate the air conditioning conveniently and easily according to your own individual wishes: You can set the Climate Timer (both one-off and cyclical settings), access the current climate status in the vehicle, set the target temperature and control both immediate and seat-specific air conditioning.
  • Speed Alarm. As soon as your Porsche exceeds the speed limit that you have set, the Porsche Connect App will send you a notification. You can thus see at a glance how fast your Sports Car is actually traveling if you have loaned it to other family members.
  • Car Control. Check your vehicle status, for example the mileage, fuel range, or average consumption, all in one app without leaving your breakfast table.
    With the Porsche Connect App and in My Porsche you can also check whether the sliding roof is still open or the luggage compartment is locked correctly. In addition, you can access important information such as the tire pressure or the current service interval in order to maintain the safety standards of your Porsche.
  • Trip Control. In My Porsche and the Porsche Connect App, Trip Statistics provide you the latest trip data of your vehicle at any time in any location. You can call up journey statistics as a general overview or on an individual trip. You can then see the information about the drive time, distance driven, as well as average speed and fuel consumption.
  • Valet Alarm. If you let your Porsche out of your hands, keep it in your sight with Valet Alarm. You can activate the Valet Alarm with one click and receive notification immediately in the Porsche Connect App if your vehicle is being driven too fast or too far away by a valet service.
  • Car Alarm. With the Car Alarm feature, you can be rest assured that an unwanted intrusion will be detected and notified immediately.
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