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Porsche Configurator

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Car Buyer in the UK wrote a list of the best car configurators that are online and Porsche's made the list. It was named along with BMW, Land Rover, Skoda, Volvo, and Peugeot.

This is how they described Porsche's configurator:

The Porsche configurator opens in a whole new window with no adverts or distractions, so speccing your ideal 911, Cayenne or Taycan is an enjoyable experience. The configurator must have plenty of processing power as there’s no delay at all when adding options and flicking between paint colours. You can come up with some very garish creations (we’d like to see your dealer’s face if you spec a Porsche 911 in ‘Miami Blue’ with a bright red interior), and prices are provided for everything, so you can enjoy choosing some very costly options.

I have to agree with them, I've never had any issues playing around with their configurator with the Taycan or any other Porsche. Has anyone else had a similar experience with it?
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