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The Financial Times spoke with Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and he told them that the cost of lithium-ion batteries is unlikely to drop for at least 5 years. Which could affect Porsche's attempt to generate a profit from the Taycan and other emission-free models.

Oliver Blume, whose company has just begun delivering its first battery-powered sports car, the Taycan, told the Financial Times the industry would face supply constraints for the “next few years”.

“I don’t expect decreasing costs in batteries, because there is a big demand and we still have a bottleneck in production capacities,” he said.

Although Porsche has fixed contracts with battery suppliers such as South Korea’s LG Chem, Mr Blume raised the possibility that rivals could see their price soar, before the electric car market becomes big enough to benefit from economies of scale. Porsche is part of the Volkswagen Group and Mr Blume sits on the VW board.
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