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Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer spoke with Sean Mitchell from Teslarati about how the Taycan differs from the Model S and how Porsche drew some inspiration from Tesla.

"Well, I think all car manufactures have taken inspiration from Tesla, because Tesla has been the pioneer. They’ve done something that a couple of years ago, nobody would have expected anybody to be able to do. So we have great respect for them.

[Tesla vehicles] are surely impressive if it’s about acceleration, the user experience, and all the digital stuff in the car. I think the Taycan actually sets itself apart when its about repeatable acceleration, when it’s about the car really behaving like a true sports car when you take it to the limit beyond the limit, and what happens then, how you control the car. So we’ve taken a different route because we are a different brand, but yes, inspiration is something that we all need."

You can watch his answer at the 1:00 minute mark of the video:
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