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Have there been any updates on whether or not Porsche is going to actually develop an electric version of the Cayenne?

I know back in March there was a bunch of speculation after Auto Express reported that Porsche was considering it.

Bosses are now discussing whether the larger Cayenne could follow suit. A company spokesperson told Auto Express: “This decision is not made yet. But of course, [we’re discussing] the future of almost every model, because many markets are asking for electric cars.”

An all-new Cayenne is still a number of years away but if a full EV is given the green light it will be built as a dedicated EV with no petrol or plug-in hybrid versions offered. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said: “When we do a fully electric car it has to be designed purpose built for electro mobility, like the Taycan. I’m not a fan of doing everything in one car because our vehicles are high performance and to achieve that with multi purpose powertrains it is not possible.”

As a result, it’s possible that Porsche could sell the existing Cayenne alongside the dedicated electric version, which would move to a new platform, to cater for markets that may not be switching to electric vehicles as quickly as others.

Blume added: “The first steps for the next decade, we have to have in every segment, in our sports car, limousines and SUVs, an offer of a petrol, hybrid and full electric car.”
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