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Porsche Cars Canada announces three years of Electrify Canada charging for Taycan owners

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This is great news for any Canadians on here that have ordered their Taycan.

Porsche has announced that Canadian Taycan owners will get three years of complimentary 30-minute charging at Electrify Canada locations. It will be included for all three of the Taycan trim levels.

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. (PCL) today announced an agreement with Electrify Canada, LLC to provide the first all-electric Porsche, the Taycan, with three years of inclusive charging at Electrify Canada public charging stations across the country. This charging benefit will be included in the price of the Taycan, which starts at $119,400 for the Taycan 4S, $173,900 for the Taycan Turbo, and $213,900 for the Taycan Turbo S.

Electrify Canada highway and metro stations, and many Porsche dealers, will offer DC fast charging at levels of power up to 350 kilowatts. The Taycan’s maximum charging power (peak) is 270 kW. Using 800-volt technology and the combined charging system (CCS) plug, it will be able to recharge from five to 80 percent SoC (state of charge) in 22.5 minutes – the fastest in today’s automotive market.

“Every Porsche is a sports car with soul, and the Taycan’s soul is electrified,” said Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of PCL. “The burgeoning Electrify Canada charging network will allow future owners of the first all-electric Porsche to free themselves from range anxiety making their drive on some of Canada’s most iconic roads even more rewarding.”

Taycan customers will receive three years of complimentary 30-minute charging at Electrify Canada locations, subject to certain terms and conditions. The nationwide ultra-fast charging network will see the opening of 32 stations through 2020. These will be spaced along multiple routes on or near key highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Each location will have an average of four charging dispensers with a minimum of one 350 kW charger per site, with additional chargers delivering up to 150kW.

New charging options for the Taycan will include a Porsche-designed home system. Details of the system and installation options will follow soon.

For more information about electric vehicle charging, please visit
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Do u know how many non- dealership Electrify Canada fast chargers in GTA?
(presumably dealer will need their chargers for service & demo cars)
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