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I had a delivery date for this Saturday (May 14th), which I've been waiting for 5 months and this morning I woke up to an email from my sales advisor saying there was a software glitch preventing the issuing of license.
Below you can see (sorry, it's in Dutch) the ETA of the bug fixes (Week 23 for the Taycans).
It roughly translates to:
Due to a software problem, the personalized login of the vehicle user to the central computer (PCM) is not possible.
This makes the PCM Web Apps, personalized services and remote access not available.
To ensure customer satisfaction, depending on the vehicle's construction status, the Gateway control unit must be programmed before delivery with an updated data status.

Vehicle usage
The vehicles may only be driven for loading and unloading purposes in the transport chain.
Further use is not permitted. Test drives should be avoided.

As anyone received the same or know what's behind this?

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