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So On my way to cars and coffee this morning I wanted to listen to jazz from WGUC or NPR. Nope. Not possible. Your car is not equipped with a radio. Tried online radio. Not possible, service not available. Exited the car. Turned it off. Waited. Got back in. Sorry. No radio. Ok, fine, I used car play since I was a bit late and all worked ok via my cell phone

Got to cars and coffee and had a great time. So when we left to go have breakfast at the bistro. Car radio was back! Working great! So I try to launch waze via car play to watch for cops. Sorry, there is no car play set up. You need to set it up via a usb cable the first time. Damn. Ok, fine, I’ll listen to radio and watch Waze on the iPhone.

Had a great brakfast with friends at the bistro and when I leave and get in the car, poof! radio AND car play are back and working great.

Its becoming a daily adventure.... 😂 😂 😂
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