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First there was the sedan, then Porsche surprised everyone by confirming the Taycan Cross Turismo, now it looks like even more variants of Porsche's new electric car may be on the way.

According to a new report Porsche has done internal designs of a two-door version of the car, in both coupe and cabriolet styles.

Insiders report that both versions could be added to the lineup if demand is sufficient, but only once Porsche has freed up production capacity. And with the current plan to double Taycan production, add the Cross Turismo and a new electric Macan, that could be a while.

Rumors have suggested Porsche might not offer a fully-electric 911, but instead build a new electric sports car model. That seems unlikely, however, as the 911 is THE Porsche and if the brand is going to build a successful future for itself, it will need a fully electric version of it's most Porsche of Porsches.


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With the sheer amount of pre orders that the Taycan has seen its not surprising that they are looking to new variants so quickly. A gradual expansion is probably the best way forward otherwise they could run into production issues as a result of scaling too quickly.
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