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Hi everyone, been browsing here for a while - great stuff.

A week ago got myself a mint my20 turbo (3k miles) in Carrara, as a dd - could not bear the current waiting times (and delays). Well specced - although critically missing the sweet burmester :( but has pdcc, rear steering, bit of carbon trim, passenger display, and most of the drive assistance features plus other stuff). Car drives great.

I was worried because everything seemed to work fine in the cabin unlike Porsche sw of the past 100 years. Thankfully, that was short lived. Since 2 days Porsche connect stopped communicating with servers so no mobile app or website anymore :rolleyes: (LTE is there and rebooting/logging out/in does not help).

Car came with 21" mission and summer tyres. But I looked out of window and it's more autumn. 21" winter are impossible to find across Europe. So I had to implore Porsche to sell me four 20" aero with winter rubber for a reasonable 7k. They did. Happy to be here.

(sorry for the awful pics)


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