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Just got my new Taycan 4S a couple of weeks ago and love the car.
I am having a few of the glitches from software as well as the connect app, but I won't start off by complaining.

In reading through, I would imagine rolling this out in the US during COVID has had a major impact on training, tech hardware infrastructure, etc. that really needs a 'hands-on' approach, where only software updates would have some issues. So, at this point, I am hopeful that these will be short lived.

Now onto the good. I am coming over from Panamera GTS and I can say I love the change! I do miss the rumble of the exhaust, but I also like the stealthy aspect of being quiet with an EV. This is my first EV, but have driven friends Tesla's and feel like the Taycan is 'actually a car experience' vs. a shell on a battery with an extra-large iPad. The only other thing I really miss from the GTS is having some actual buttons. I think there is something to be said to keeping a few, like volume and tuning/selector on the console. I do have the knob on the steering wheel, so I guess that will have to do :)

At any rate, look forward to seeing some of you at a charging station in New England. This will mostly be down in Mass, as New Hampshire seems to be a charging station dry-spot in the region....I think it is time to start to write some letters to my local State Reps and make a proposition that it is necessary for tourism and a way to attract money into the state, which I am sure they are interested in after COVID and local small-businesses struggling.

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Welcome from the forum from Atlanta, Georgia. Nice to have you on board.
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