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New member.. Hi all

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hi all .. taycan deposit holder here for the CrossTurismo
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Welcome to the forum! Always glad to have new members. This place is really starting to grow.

You can check the News section for the latest info. We're ALL OVER the latest news and rumors about the car.
@TheTaycanDude Welcome :)

Mind disclosing any details you were given during the deposit process? Like price, important upcoming dates, etc.?
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So in my case, I went to my Porsche Dealer the day of the Cross Turismo unveil.. my dealer was unware of the unveil and had to look the CT online of all places. I requested to be put on a "waitlist" and cut them a check for 5k, so technically i am 1st on the CT list. My Porsche rep advised me to sign up online for the deposit program that day as well. I have been in close contact with my Porsche Rep ever since and have added myself onto the Taycan sedan waitlist/allocation as well. No price, no details, no insider info except for the mention of the EV "Macan"/Targa version..
I also signed up online and made a deposit at my closest dealership just two days ago. They said they were still taking deposits because they figured a lot of folks who initially sign up will not actually buy when the time comes to set up the order. As far as information on production, colors, accessories, timing etc.........they had no clue. Apparently Porsche is either giving dealerships no information or have sworn them to secrecy.
thats interesting as my Porsche Dealership has officially closed its deposit taking a few months ago. there is not much info on trim levels/paint/options.. we tend to get bits and pieces of info from adhoc interviews online by Porsche. other than that we will have to wait until Sept unveil for all the other info.
Well, I look at it this way. Though I would love to have a first year Taycan build waiting for a later build will allow Porsche time to work out some of the initial bugs so to speak. I get the impression that each dealership will get a initial allotment and your particular dealership may have reached its count quicker....
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