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New Autocar Taycan Review

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I have posted this on another Taycan forums. Here it goes:

Here is a new review with lots more information, it seems, this guys is the second person outside of Porsche to drive this car:


In short summary, it seems it is true, there will be a Turbo and Turbo S with 600+ BHP and 700+ BHP respectively. They will be the first 2 models to be released. There is an over-boost function. 0-62 in the Turbo S is 2.8 secs, which makes 0-60 around the 2.5 or 2.6 secs. Turbo S comes standard with 4 wheel steering and ceramic brakes. According to this guy it drives very well and apparently it is the best EV on market so far "by a mile".

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