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I have a 2022 Taycan 4S. I’ve never had this problem before and I was always logged into Porsche connect.

14 days ago my car logged me out if porsche connect and each time I start the car it asks me to sign in but my login is ‘greyed out’.

It puts me in guest mode and I can’t seem to come out of it and therefore my iPhone my Porsche app does not pull the latest data.

I called Porsche connect customer services but they said to go to the dealer as there is an outstanding software update on the car. But they are not sure if this will help. I do not have an ‘account’ tile on the Home Screen. I do not have an account option in the settings section.

When I click the account login tile it gives me a QR code which I scan and login on my phone and it says successful on my phone. But on the car it says login not possible at this time.

Please see my attached screenshots and if possible could you escalate this to get it sorted.
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Try logging in manually and don't use the QR code. Short of that - sounds like a dealer fix. Mine has been 150% better since the huge software update.
Thanks, managed to fix it. Couldn't log in manually either. I disconnected the 12v battery for 3-4 mins and then put it back on and it worked fine.

When was the huge software update? Was this an over the air one or one you had to go to the dealer for?

Thanks for your replyc
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