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More Porsche Taycan Interior Info

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German publication Der Spiegel published an article today highlighting the Porsche Taycan and how Porsche is changing as an EV manufacturer.

In the article some interesting information is mentioned regarding the Taycan's interior including intelligent climate control and displays similar to the Mission E concept.

(Note: the quotes are translated to English from German)

While the Taycan looks pretty conventional from the outside, it makes a jump inside. Except for a few buttons on the steering wheel, there are hardly any switches or controls in the cockpit. Among the cover mats that Weckbach uses to camouflage his baby's interior is a landscape of displays and touchscreens that is reminiscent of the predecessor study Mission E and that lacks analogue controls.
Even the rev counter, so far with Porsche Urmeter of the sportiness and also in the largely digitized Panamera or Cayenne still as mechanical measuring instrument directly in the point of view of the driver, has disappeared. After all, the start button is traditionally left of the steering wheel - even if it is just a greeting to yesterday: The on-board computer detects when the door was opened by someone with the appropriate authorization. Put your foot on the brake, engage a gear, step on the accelerator pedal - you can start driving.
What already stands out during the test drive: The Taycan places next to the classic Porsche virtues also a focus on other areas. For example, the Taycan has an intelligent climate control without mechanical adjustment of the fan nozzles. And also the infotainment or the recovery of the braking energy are intelligently automated. For automotive economist Stefan Bratzel, a clear indication that Porsche does not want to define itself solely through sportiness in the future: "If you do not keep up with the times, you have to keep up with the times," says Bratzel: "That also applies to Porsche and its sports car image."
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