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Model S Shooting Brake or Tayan Cross Turismo?

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If you must have Porsche driving characteristics this won't apply to you, for everyone this limited production Model S Shooting Brake starting from $121,000 might be an option. I drove my friends P100D and liked it from the start but being with Porsche vehicles for many years i'm reluctant to buy anything else that isn't Porsche-like. This Tesla was coachbuilt and is the only example for now but will be revealed to the general public in March at the Geneva show. If anyone here plans at attend let us know what you think! However if it was mass produced with easy availability would you consider it??

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These kinds of estate cars should do well enough in Europe, but I don't think they will ever be widely adopted in North America. I did see some videos around that coach build P100D and the builders think it may actually be more aero efficient with the new body style. Curious to see the numbers.
I think a small production run might be possible but if it happens being more than just a shooting brake might be a primary reason people buy.
Personally i would love to see some improvements to performance and interior/exterior color theme.
I heard the company that built that shooting brake P100D have closed their doors. I know they were open to producing more models and they may still have that opportunity but this conversion was also extremely expensive. I suppose if you have Tesla money that's not an issue and it does look it came right off the production floor.
Tesla is due for launching a Model S successor which could very well see some unique offerings like this.
EV segments are set to grow so fast that Tesla will need all they can get to keep up and win over some segment of consumers.
If they can't sustain that among the bigger players then it could turn into a failed brand.
They will never be a failed brand. But if they can't match the production volume of all these premium competitors, they may have to look into a partnership to sustain themselves. There have already been offers to buy shares in Tesla from other automakers but to my knowledge they have all been declined.
Over time I believe it will become more likely as Tesla no longer remains the only sporty-luxury EV brand on the market.
Instead of being the only one they will be met with rivals. So far the BMW i4 seems to be next.
Volvo has been thrown around as one rival to their Model 3 but there's no doubt the i4 is better positioned.
I have a Sport Turismo, and the Cross Turismo would be high on my list of considerations (and not the Tesla wagon). My personal preference would be for a Cross Turismo E-Hybrid, however, or a Macan E-Hybrid -- something with an ICE for long-distance and off-road driving where you don't have to worry about running out of battery juice, and where you have some extra ground clearance.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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