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may sell my order/option for Taycan Turbo in Blue arriving end April/20

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I may need to sell my option/order on Taycan turbo in Blue
Let me know if any interest
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What? Can't the dealer help you out with this? Or just looking to see if there's an eager individual who will pay over asking?
Easy to find Turbo allocations at large dealerships (my local dealer was desperate to unload a turbo order for May delivery, told me i should submit order - no deposit - and it was ok if I bailed because he was confident he could sell it. Dont think you are going to have any luck selling your spot (if that is what you mean)
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Agree. My sealer has 4s for May and no tAkers. Think Porsche pricing at 50% above Tesla S Performance is taking toll on early orders.
I can’t believe there are 4S slots that won’t be taken or sold, it is very different than a Turbo or Turbo S. The slight premium in the 4S is easily offset by the ride, material and brand name of the Porsche. The Tesla doesn’t really fit luxury.

The Turbo/Turbo S on the other hand I can see more limited market for.
I only report what i think is true. A well-equipped 4s is at least 130k while a new p100d Tesla fully equipped max out at $110k or so.
Understood but as I was saying the build, fit finish, quality and performance doesn’t come close on Tesla’s. I’ve owned many EVs but have passed on S and X for those reasons, but had no issue with price of Turbo S Taycan (or a 4S).
  • Taycan comes with a REAL warranty vs. goodwill gesture that changes with time and the CEO whims and tweets.
  • Dealers will fight to repair any issue for Taycans compared to dragging customers to arbitration for simple repairs and pitting them against the meanest lawyers they have on company payroll.
  • Porsche also has a real customer support and service network vs "no service is best service. you don't need no human customer support.".
  • It comes with real features vs. empty promises of future features. Pay now and pray that the features show up someday.
  • Porsche won't secretly remove features already sold with the car via over the air downgrades.
  • Porsche won't automatically charge the credit card on file for vaporware. it has enough money and a reputation to preserve.
What is the value of all these added together?

Porsche also doesn't squeeze the last bit of blood out of its employees by underpaying its staff while the CEO bonus balloons. There is an ethical aspect to your purchase as well.
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Taycan is eligible for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. Others have or are phasing out.
So Tesla secretly removed autopilot from a used Model S. NOT SURPRISED.

It was reported in an article today.

Very soon Tesla will have to get it together.
Collectively, automakers have been spending hundreds of billions to enter the EV market and as that happens, Tesla will feel it.
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