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Porsche had Mark Webber spec out his perfect Porsche Taycan. No surprises here that he went with the Turbo S.

Here's what he selected:
  • Dolomite Silver
  • Carbon SportDesign Package
  • Taycan Exclusive Design Wheels
  • Black Brake Calipers
  • Alcantara Interior
  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport
Sometimes the call of a car configurator is too much – even if you’re a nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner and FIA WEC champ with your dream 911 in the garage. With extra time to spend online, Mark Webber has kept his need for speed sated by planning out the perfect Porsche Taycan.

From his home in Monaco, the Australian brand ambassador explains the thinking behind his stealthy but head-turning Taycan Turbo S: “Configuring a car like the Taycan isn’t a difficult thing to get right. It’s a super-clean looking car already, so I’ve kept it very understated with Dolomite Silver. I’m actually extremely traditional and conservative when it comes to colours,” says Webber, whose choice mix cutting edge aesthetics with a dose of luxury.

“In terms of the big-ticket options, the first box ticked for me was the Carbon SportDesign Package,” he continues. “I haven’t actually seen this in the metal before, but it gives the front a very different feel, which is cool. And I love a panoramic roof. All that glass really tops it off, inside or out.”

Another essential element for the former F1 ace is, unsurprisingly, wheels. With plenty of options to choose from it’s easy to fully customise the Taycan.

“It’s a personal thing of course, but I think you can do a horrendous job with the wheels if you’re not careful,” adds Webber. “The blades on these 21-inch Taycan Exclusive options look so sharp in black though, especially against the exterior paint. And I’ve opted to finish the brake callipers in black too. It’s a little detail, but makes all the difference.”

With the exterior looking shipshape, Webber turns his attention to the Taycan’s cabin. There’s a conscious effort to keep things similarly understated, but an enduring love of race-derived textiles continues to have an influence on the hard-working ambassador. “The was only one way for me to go with the interior,” he says with a smile. “Black and Slate Grey compliments what’s going on outside and I love Alcantara, as you can see in all my 911 cars. I do everyone’s head in at Porsche. Maybe it’s great memories of motorsport, but Alcantara to me says “fast”. It does get a bit warm in hotter environments, but that’s why I’ve also opted for the cooling seats.”

Beyond the visual, there is one last option that Webber can’t do without. And as the 2015 World Endurance Champion with Porsche Motorsport, anything less would have been disappointing: “In terms of the driving experience, I’ve also gone for Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport. Whenever Porsche gives you the option of putting the cherry on the cake in terms of dynamics, it’s something I’ll always do. But there’s not much else I need. For my money, this is the ideal Taycan.”

Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
Mark Webber Porsche Taycan
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