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Porsche Club of America launched Rennbow, their new online database that offers "the largest collection of Porsche images based on color."


As of today the site has over 1,700 photos of Porsches in over 500 colors and it is free for anyone to access. Users can add their own photos to help grow the site.

But Rennbow is not only an online gallery for Porsche Club of America, it will act as a wiki for Porsche's historical paint catalog.

For each color you can find out:
- What model(s) the color was available for
- The German translation of the color name
- Porsche's internal paint code
- A rating about how rare the hue is out of "5 paint cans"

It will be cool to see all the colors Taycan comes with when release date arrives.

Here are a couple of sample pages for colors. This is incredibly cool and I'm going to spend so much time trying to go through it all!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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