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Less than half of Taycan reservations are from current Porsche owners

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This is very interesting information on the kinds of people looking to order the Taycan.

Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America wrote an op-ed about electric cars and revealed that less than half of the Taycan's reservations are from current Porsche Owners. Of those Porsche owners, the largest group own a 911.

Porsche is committed to a three-power train strategy for at least the next 10 years, meaning we’ll produce EVs and plug-in hybrids as well as internal combustion engines. I don’t believe these are mutually exclusive for many consumers. For example, fewer than half of the customers who have registered for a Taycan in the U.S. are current Porsche drivers. But of those who are, the biggest single group own 911s, our iconic sports car. The fact that someone can love the sound and feel of an exhilarating flat-six gas engine and also be attracted to the silent power of a performance EV says volumes about the capacity of the U.S. market for this new power train.
He also mentioned that there is enough interest to deliver Taycan's through late 2020.

We already have enough interest to account for all the Taycans we expect to deliver in the U.S. in the first year, through late 2020. That’s powerful, given that the final production model has yet to be unveiled. And the market potential is so strong that we just announced we will switch our best-selling model, the Macan compact SUV, to all-electric in the next few years.
For those of you in the thread, are your current Porsche owners looking at the Taycan? Or are you new to Porsche/returning to Porsche?
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