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The Porsche Taycan is going global. And while Porsche continues its final testing for its upcoming electric super sedan, we can now see that they're testing it globally too.

Amateur spy photographers have snapped the latest Porsche Taycan spy photos, with the car caught all over the globe, from Oregon, to Germany, to China.

See some of the latest shots below:


San Louis Obispo, California


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Is it my imagination, or does the Cross Turismo have more of the original prototype design for the fenders and front hood, a for more sporty, powerful and aggressive look than the mild curves of the regular Taycans in spy photos? The original prototype seems much better looking because of shorter front end, and strong curves from the fenders to the front trunk lid and with the lower front trunk lid going much lower. Looks like the Taycan designers panameraized the design of the Taycan.
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