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All - thoughts on my latest (and close to final) build? @PorscheGuyFrom AZ - I saw an earlier post of yours and loved the detailed feedback on another users build. Would love to hear from you!

Here it is.

The Porsche Code

A few things --

1. Got rid of the electric sound. Even my kids were like "whatever"
2. Went with 20" inch wheels
3. Went ahead and removed the insulated glass. Thoughts?
4. Removed the RAS. I don't drive aggressively. Will be mostly city
5. I did "splurge" and get the colored crest on the wheels
6. After much, much debate, I decided to go for the PB+. So many good cases against it but perhaps my range anxiety got the best of me. Mistake?
7. AND, another decision made with heart and not logic was the InnoDrive. Something about the ALK gets me excited. Thoughts? Mistake? I will go with ACC regardless
8. Finally, went with Intelligent Range Manager. Waste?
9. Silver trim on the outside. Okay? Or do I pay $400 to paint black?
$800 for metallic black? Should I save the money, go with standard black, and put to use for something else?

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to joining the Porsche family. What a great group!
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