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With not too much digging, I found who is the manufacturer of the Taycan motor and transmission: Schaeffler starts mass production of electric motors
It’s a great drivetrain and I love it. Just a shame that Porsche can’t come clean with this. Strikes me as very deceptive that they can’t even mention that they had a “partner” in its development. Every piece of marketing from Porsche talks about their developing the system. Heck, we all assumed this. It actually looks like it’s all Schaeffler. I’m heartbroken. There’s been class action suits brought for less. Time for someone from Porsche to step up and tell the truth!
That is no big deal frankly. You have bought PC from HP or Dell or Lenovo etc and they all have the CPU designed and built by Intel. Does it make your PC more or less reliable ?? It is the ability to put a car together with that kind of performance with all its parts and not juste one component. Everyone has to use subcontractors to build certain parts and nobody, whatever they can say, can build all their parts themselves. Nobody can be good at everything.
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