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IndyCar Driver Graham Rahal Buys Porsche Taycan

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IndyCar driver Graham Rahal recently added his EV to his garage, a Porsche Taycan.

The six-time IndyCar race winner showed the Taycan off on Instagram and had a lot of good things to say about it.

He wrote:

I’ve gone green! ?Kinda.
Real talk, from a gas guzzling car nerd... I think Porsche has done it best so far in the sedan market. The car looks great and is faster than he**! If i was intrigued, this car is what did it. And I am, to be clear. But, I’ve already noticed some major negatives. As we live in the world of “we must electrify”, here’s some major issues from my point of view.
1 - Contrary to what people think, even in SoCal today we NEEDED a charge. Guess what, nowhere to go. Only a couple spots, all full. If in a panic, you’re toast. I always can get fuel and be full in 5 min (not with electric), and just a reminder when I did get a charge it wasn’t free! ? Also note, when plugged in at home (120V plug) overnight it only gained about 10 miles in range, so you need 220V or a home based “supercharger”
2 - It makes no noise. I’m sorry, but cars must make noise. It’s a massive part of the driving element that is missing. It’s also part of the safety element. People seriously don’t hear you coming, and rarely do they look!
3 - I always worried about conserving miles on the range. Maybe for driving around LA this works, but where I’m from in the Midwest it’s not a formidable means of transportation for me. Maybe someday, but not yet. The amount of infrastructure change that must happen is insane, and would cost tens of millions of dollars. It’s not a 10 years off thing, this is a lot longer than that in my eyes!
4 - Stick to gas. If nothing else it’s a heck of a lot more fun hearing an engine really roar! ?

With that all being said, I do love this car. I’m a tech guy and a Porsche guy, having one of the very first Taycan Turbo S is an honor for me. However, it comes with some major daily life adjustments, but of course its better for the environment which is always a plus too! Now, what’s your opinion?
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