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Sean Mitchell from All Things EV gives a really good break down of the Taycan and how it stacks up next to the Tesla Model S. He also compares the Taycan's predicted range to vehicle like the Chevy Bolt, Polestar 2, and Jaguar I-Pace.


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The Drive put together a pretty comprehensive list of 14 differences between the Taycan and the Model S.

I won't post the full article because it's a bit long but here are the 14 things they look at.
14) Trunk Size
13) Interior Storage
12) User Interface (UI)

11) Ashtray
10) Grab Handles
9) Screen Life
8) Wireless Updates
7) Seats
6) Charging Network/App
4) Personalization
3) The next Taycan
2) Tesla's latest Model S
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