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Hello Seymour. I own a 2020 Taycan Turbo and I am knowledgeable about all of the various Taycan models whether they be one of the 4 sedan versions, the Sport Turismo version or one of the four Cross Turismo versions. If you are wanting help or suggestions regarding what options you should order, I would be more than happy to help you.

As another member of this forum has stated, none of the Taycan models actually has a turbocharger since an all electric power train has nothing that needs to be turbocharged.

Porsche uses the word turbo as part of how a particular variant fits within the hierarchy of trim levels. They do this across all of their ICE models and Porsche decided to stick with this same naming hierarchy for its first EV.

For the Taycan sedans the Turbo S is the top of the line with the highest level of performance (where performance includes horsepower, torque, acceleration and braking) and the most standard equipment. The Turbo model is the next model down the hierarchy with a bit less performance than the Turbo S and the 4S model being the 3rd vehicle in the hierarchy and the least expensive all wheel drive Taycan sedan model. The “bottom of the line” sedan is simply called Taycan and it is a rear wheel drive only vehicle and, unlike all other Taycan models, it doesn’t have an air suspension as standard equipment (but an air suspension can be an ordered option).

As far as a line by line comparison of 4S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S goes, I have never compiled that information but it could be done by anyone with time and patience. The Porsche Vehicle Cinfigurator has, near the bottom of any car build screen, a clickable link for a list of all the standard equipment for that particular model and trim level. All of the items in the standard equipment list could be copied and pasted into spreadsheets I would think.

Regarding how long it might take for you to get your hands on a built to order Taycan 4S, it might not be as bleak a situation as you fear. Earlier this year I helped 2 people (one a neighbor and one a member of this forum) make configuration choices for a Taycan 4S and a Taycan Cross Turismo 4. The orders were placed mid March 2022 and early April 2022 and both gentlemen took delivery of their vehicles in mid July 2022.

I think the key to getting a reasonable delivery time is to shop around between Porsche dealers to see who has which “allocations” or “build slots” for the model or models you are consideting.
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