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Hi, as per title, new to the forum, have been always interested in cars and have been members of a number of forums associated with which ever car I had at the time, was even forum moderator and events organiser for clubs - but that was many moons ago.

I now find myself on the cusp of ordering a Taycan CT 4s, all spec'd out and not sure if I should feel guilty, but Ive certainly ticked way too many options if viewing sensibly :rolleyes:....but I always revert to full 'car nut' and have submitted to a more generous specification. :geek:

Now I guess I now take my place in the que and await my turn for eventual order confirmation then production and onto delivery.

Not new to the EV World, have had a Tesla Model X for nearly two years and the better half has been running a Renault Zoe GT Line for just over a year.

Think I will leave it there for now, looks a great forum and look forward to joining in with some discussions.
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