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You can move it up and down a bit, down too far and the bottom gets clipped. I figured it out from reading the printed manual in the instrument cluster pages: use far right button on steering wheel to move yellow indicator between ‘tubes’ until HUD is selected; roll cylinder next to button, push to select.

For some things you push first and then roll and then push again to select, for example map options if map is in center of instrument cluster (damn thing randomly turns my North Up for map off, and I do not like the spinning map if car direction is up) requires the first push because just rolling switches between what that area shows.

There are also options for what the HUD shows, one or two tubes of info and what is in each and a third thin area at the bottom.
Thanks David. It does not appear that you can change the size of the font…only move the display and rotate it, right?
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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