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I cannot wait until I receive my Taycan. My concern is if my husband will fit. He is 6' 5". He fit into the panamera, but does not fit into the 911s or my boxster. Has there been any information released on the headroom?
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There has been literally zero information given out from Porsche. There is a lot of guessing, congecture and photo shop going on but nothing definite from the Mother Ship. No exact dimensions, colors, battery sizes, HP choices etc. I assume as it gets closer to the September Auto Show, if things are on schedule, Porsche will start sending out detailed information to those that placed deposits. At that point customers will be scheduled for appointments at their local dealership to actually place a detailed work order with listed accessories. Until then it is all crickets......... :)
P.S.- Went by my local dealership 2 days ago and neither my salesman or the general manager had a clue on details for the Taycan. Either Porsche is telling them absolutely nothing or they have been sworn to secrecy.
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