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I cannot wait until I receive my Taycan. My concern is if my husband will fit. He is 6' 5". He fit into the panamera, but does not fit into the 911s or my boxster. Has there been any information released on the headroom?
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Inside EVs was able to get inside the Taycan during the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend and here what they said about sitting inside it.

I take another look into the rear seats. The idea is to see what getting in feels like, especially without hitting my head. The gently sloping lines of the roof and the rear side windows remind me spontaneously of a 911.

Surprise: in spite of being 1.88 m tall (6,17”) and having a cap on my head, I sit in the back in a deep, but very comfortable position. There’s some space between the top of my head and the glass roof.

Legs and feet get enough space. One reason for this is the so-called "foot garage". It was created by a recess in the battery pack, as the development engineers around let me know.
Forbes got to ride in the Taycan and they shared some info about the headroom in their review. It's possible your husband won't have to squeeze too tightly when he steps inside.

The Taycan is a five seat, fastback sedan, roughly the size of the Panamera. Based on its size and form factor, this can really be considered the first really direct competitor to Tesla’s Model S. I slid my five-foot-eleven inch frame into the right rear seat behind similarly tall Robert Sorakanich from Road&Track and had plenty of leg room. Despite having to wear a racing helmet I had plenty of head room once inside although getting through the door opening was a bit awkward as usual in such circumstances.
The reviewer in this video is apparently 6'4" and he seems to fit comfortably in the back seat.

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