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I cannot wait until I receive my Taycan. My concern is if my husband will fit. He is 6' 5". He fit into the panamera, but does not fit into the 911s or my boxster. Has there been any information released on the headroom?
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Some insight on headroom and overall cabin room for 6-footers:
  • "In terms of size, the Taycan is smaller than a Panamera, and you can tell inside. As is usual for Porsche, the driving position is sensational, with massive wheel telescoping and ample seat adjustment for someone 6-foot-3 like me. With that seat set as such, the seat back was touching the knees of a 6-foot-2 passenger in back. If set so that there was enough room for him, I'd still be perfectly comfortable. Headroom back there was just sufficient for both of us, and the seat itself is a comfortable distance from the floor."
  • "Ingress and egress are an issue, however. Besides the raked roofline, there's little space between the door, front seat and back seat. Just about everyone's shoes got caught in some way while exiting the Taycan's back seat. There's also the matter of passenger count – the Taycan only seats four standard, with a "2+1" rear seat arrangement available for $480 – which wasn't on hand, but it's safe to assume that no one over the age of 5 will fit in that "+1" middle rear seat."

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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