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Porsche released an interview with Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board—Production and Logistics, where he discusses the launch of the Taycan and how Zuffenhausen is making the adjustments to produce it.

One of the most interesting things that Reimold said is that Porsche expects that by the middle of the next decade, half of their vehicles will be sold with electric or hybrid drive.

Regarding the products, does that mean Porsche will only be making electric cars?
By no means. Porsche is and will remain a sports-car brand with high-powered cars—regardless of whether they’re driven by emotional gasoline engines, intelligent plug-in hybrids, or soon by purely electric systems as well. We’re a premium manufacturer, so our share of the market is relatively small. But we stand behind the climate goals agreed upon in Paris on December 12, 2015, and are clearly responsible for reducing our CO2 emissions. We can already do that without losing any of our performance levels or emotional appeal. For example, more than two-thirds of our Panamera customers in Europe are already opting for the plug-in hybrid version. We’re pursuing this development further in the purely electric sports-car sector with the Taycan.

How far can that go?
We’re expecting half of Porsche’s entire product range to be sold with an electric or hybrid drive by the middle of the next decade.
Reimold also explained why Porsche chose to build the Taycan at Zuffenhausen instead of Leipzig.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to make the Taycan at Porsche’s plant in Leipzig? More space is available there than in Zuffenhausen.
Zuffenhausen is the birthplace of our sports cars. The Taycan is a clear sign of our commitment to this traditional site, which we’re leading into the future by preserving jobs here and even creating new ones. The pact with our employees means we’ve made the Taycan “our project.” In addition to good neighborly relations, the supervisory and executive boards also needed the support of the workforce before deciding to take such an extraordinary step. The employees are also participating financially in the project by putting a quarter of a percent of their negotiated pay raise into a fund. This type of arrangement is unique in the automotive industry. Moreover, we’re putting highly innovative production methods into practice with the Taycan and taking a step toward the factory of the future. We call it Porsche Production 4.0—smart, lean, and green. Smart stands for flexible and connected production. Lean means responsible and efficient use of resources. And green refers to sustainability and environmental protection. After all, our aim is to continually lessen the environmental impact of our products. Since 2014, we’ve reduced the CO2 emissions per car in our production and logistics by more than 75 percent.
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