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It stinks if all there is is electrify america. Are there others that I should be looking for?
Aside from home charging your Taycan, ChargePoint stations seem to be a good option that rivals EA. They even have a page that covers what Taycan owners need to know:

  • "Charging around town is another great way to charge since many places around town offer EV charging to keep customers coming back to charge and spend more time at their businesses. All ChargePoint stations feature a universal J1772 connector so you can charge the Taycan wherever you see a station. Once you get to your destination, tap your phone on the station to start charging, then go about your day."
  • "The Taycan uses a CCS charging port that is supported at ChargePoint Express fast charging stations. Make sure to enter in the Taycan’s information when signing up for your ChargePoint account to find stations that will work with your car."
  • "It will cost** drivers about $5.40 to go 100 miles in the new Porsche Taycan. This is slightly higher than other all-electric cars since the battery capacity is larger than most EVs, but is still cheaper than driving on gas and might help (eventually) make up for the high price point of the Taycan. The cost to fuel up on electrons could be even cheaper depending on where you charge, as many public ChargePoint stations offer free or discounted charging. Check the station info in the app for the most up-to-date pricing and find out how much you could save when driving the Porsche Taycan using our EV savings calculator."
@Allan Skoropa have you checked what options are along your regular routes?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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