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Forbes gets a ride in the Porsche Taycan in Brooklyn

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Forbes senior contributor Sam Abuelsamid was able to get a ride in the Porsche Taycan during its appearance at the Formula E season finale in Brooklyn. Overall things keep looking for the Taycan ahead of its debut. Here's some of the big takeaways from the article.

Like most electric vehicles the Taycan is very quiet when it's on the road.
After signing a waiver and putting on a helmet, we waited for the Taycan to silently roll up. During Saturday’s run, I saw the Taycan running, but really couldn’t hear it at all. The same was true on Sunday when I went for my ride.
The rear seats don't seem to be an afterthought by Porsche.
I slid my five-foot-eleven inch frame into the right rear seat behind similarly tall Robert Sorakanich from Road&Track and had plenty of leg room. Despite having to wear a racing helmet I had plenty of head room once inside although getting through the door opening was a bit awkward as usual in such circumstances.
We weren’t allowed to take any photos or video inside the car, although it wouldn’t really matter because everything including the seats was covered in sheets of felt. We’ll have to wait for a while longer to see what it’s like. Nonetheless, two couples could comfortably head out for a night on the town in a Taycan.
The Taycan a comfortable ride while also delivering top performance.
Even with four adult men on board in near production trim, the Taycan seemed to handle remarkably well. It was stable through corners with minimal body roll although it did pitch forward a bit under hard braking. Jani said he likes this because it put more weight on the front tires which helped turn in. The Brooklyn track is not among the bumpiest street circuits around but it has its share of unevenness but the ride was still comfortable, aside from being pressed against the door in turns.

Fortunately, there are grab handles above the rear doors which come in handy when Neel Janni is your ride hail driver. It’s really impossible to get a proper evaluation of a car in less than five minutes. However, it seems clear that despite the lack of engine noise, this Taycan will drive the way you expect a proper Porsche should.
For those who are interested in reading the full article here's the link - https://www.forbes.com/sites/samabu...rooklyn-with-the-porsche-taycan/#5b98d184509a
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