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First Taycan Owner Takes Delivery

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It looks like the very first person to take delivery of a Taycan was Greg Wyler. He's a entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor.

"Quick Drive Report: This car is a quiet monster. Totally docile, but if you press the throttle and start turning it will rip your insides apart with acceleration and g forces. Best car I have ever driven hands down."

"End of day - heading home. Car to be shipped to me. 117 fun miles,26 deg temp,used 46% battery. Heat- impressive/quick. Full main screen map-well done. Outside car safety noise-Lukes landspeeder. Enormous amount of thought went into this car. "

Conclusion: Taycan is the world’s most Streetable Supercar. A total daily driver that can hang w/ Ferraris and Mclarens. FYI: got a lot of


and people asking ‘what is that?’ Prefer to be less noticeable, but this car has impressively balanced aesthetics in person.
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So, he drove 117 miles while using 46%. That is 202Wh/km or 325Wh/mi. Would be very interesting to know what kind of speeds he was doing.

Cannot wait to see more real-world data coming in.
Someone in Portugal will be taking delivery of their Taycan very soon!

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