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Electrify Canada Map of Charging Locations

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"Electrify Canada announces 5 new DC fast charging stations in Ontario, for a total of 6 across the province. 2 are operational in Ontario in Halton Hills, Welland, and Agincourt. 3 are expected in Q1 of 2020 (London, Barrie, and Kingston). Perfect for the #Taycan launch! #porsche" according to the CEO of Porsche Canada in a recent tweet, something I have seen coming to life at a Canadian Tire I frequent.

Has anyone in Southern Ontario been spotting them? The 'Planned future site' map looks empty...

Electrify Canada Charging Locations
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Pfaff Porsche in Toronto sent out this message on charging stations:

#taycantuesday: Did you know there are over 85 DC fast-charging stations in the Toronto area already, and over 600 level 2 chargers? Driving electric is not only clean, it's convenient. Driving an electric Porsche, however…is a completely different level.



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Canadian Taycan owners get three years free Electrify Canada charging, does this mean we also get free charging in the USA (Electrify America) stations as well? anyone know?
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