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Aside from Porsche's EV developments, i've been watching what its parent brand is up to. It helps to understand the broader picture and Audi is on the leading right now. Already there's an all-electric SUV we can buy (e-tron) and a baby version of it sized like the Q4 that was shown off at the Geneva show recently.
Now after reading what Porsche has in store for us, it confirms my suspicion of those e-tron SUV's influencing the Macan and probably Cayenne. Don't believe me? Take it from a Porsche exec...

“We have the idea to offer in each segment three options of engines (high performance petrol, plug-in hybrid and pure electromobility),”
“In the SUV segment our ideas is a fully electrified Macan, petrol Cayenne and a hybrid Cayenne. Our idea for the Macan is to continue with some updates as long as possible and then to come round about 2020 with the electrified Macan.”
Once that occurs, the model might warrant a new name, Blume said. The executive describes the future SUV as having “the roots of the Macan,” but appearing “very different and future orientated.”

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