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Does the Taycan 4S have more trunk space than the Turbo/Turbo S?

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I've heard that the Taycan 4S might have more storage space in the trunk than the Turbo and Turbo S because of the motors/drivetrain. Does anyone know if this is true? Or if battery size affects storage space?
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As mentioned elsewhere the battery won't impact trunk space. The 4S motor is shorter than the Turbo cars. It has also been suggested the audio system can impact trunk space with woofer installation.
Official specs show 407 litres rear trunk for the 4S & 4S Performance Plus but 366 litres for the Turbo & Turbo S.
The rear motor is shorter but a Porsche presentation said they would be putting the motor in the same housing so that does not explain any trunk space increase. The front inverter is smaller than Turbo S but is same size as Turbo so that does not seem to explain why 4S would have more space. All that I know of left if the fact that the 4S comes standard with the base 150W sound system vs the 700W Boss or 1000W Burmester with their Subwoofers. But 41 Liters is huge? It's a mystery to me. :unsure:
To use up a gift card I bought Taycan rear trunk liner and a frunk liner. There is only one trunk liner part number listed for Taycan: trunk liner P/N is 9J1-044-000-01. It has a lip around the outer edge to collect escaping liquids.
The frunk liner part number is 9J1-044-000-00.
My dealer price matched Suncoast. Now I just need a base model car.
Autoblog reviewed the Taycan 4S' trunk space and they also mentioned how it's easier to store items than the Turbo and Turbo S.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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